Logos and Branding

Building a good brand is much more than clever design. But that doesn't mean you can get away with mediocrity.

Good branding is only achieved when values, products, marketing and delivery are all aligned. Companies who stand the test of time build their brand from the inside out, but that doesn't mean they you should ever be ok with an outdated logo or unclear messaging.

I've helped over 100 businesses, from Inc 500 companies to "mom-and-pop" startups, create brands, launch websites, build email campaigns, and grow their social media presence.

Below is a small sample of the logos and brands I've developed. 

White Oak Logos

White Oak Christian Church

I worked alongside a market research consultant to create a new brand for White Oak Church which would effectively scale across multiple campuses while also being able to be customized for each or their campuses. This three-week process began by creating over 10 unique logo concepts (four of them are in the image above). After deciding on the…

Urban Renew Square

Urban Renew

Sacramento based nonprofit, Acres of Hope, was launching a thrift store in Roseville, CA. They needed a logo that: appealed to their younger target market communicated that their merchandise was reclaimed and renovated had a more modern look than another thrift store they operated close by I worked with their leadership to come up with…

Brand and logo creation

Lendtuit Logo

Lendtuit is a start-up business finance company who needed a logo which communicated their belief in ‘the bright ideas’ of entrepreneurs, their connections with a variety of lenders, and their network of representatives across the country. This logo was used on letterhead, business cards, social media, websites, and signage. I created a variety of layouts and…

Veraccount Square


Veraccount is a start-up online accounting company. They reached out to me to help them create a brand and icon they could look to as they prepare for market.


MJ Capital Logo

MJ Capital is a business funding company who came to me when they needed help with launching their brand. Their logo was part of a larger process which included a website, business cards, letterhead, and marketing documents.

v1.0 Dr Vrzal Social Media-Social@400px

Vrzal Chiropractic Logo and Brand

Vrzal Chiropractic was in need of an updated logo, brand, and business cards. I worked directly with Dr. Vrzal, his associates, and a handful of his patients to create something new, true to his brand, and communicative of his values.    

v1.0 Artesia Social Media400px_Square

Artesia ReSourcing Logo

When Dan and Ann Steigerwald, founders of Artesia ReSourcing, were launching their new consulting business, they wanted a logo which would communicate the symbolism of their work. They found rich meaning in ancient Celtic imagery, but wanted to combine it with ideas of an ‘artisan spring’. This logo is made up fo custom wave shapes which…


Boots On Site Logo, Brand, UX and Website Project

Boots on Site is a startup company based in Northern California. I worked directly with the team of owners as well as the agency who hired me to develop the visual identity of the company. This logo started off as a concept at our first meeting in Sacramento. After hearing the owners’ story, learning about…

v1.0 NFG Logo Vertical_350px

NuWave Financial Group

  NuWave Financial Group is a boutique business funding group in Orange County, CA. They chose to work with me because of my years of experience in and deep understanding of the business funding sector and ability to complete their project within a small window of time. The client received multiple color palettes, sizes, and…