Strategic - Adaptability - Activator - Communication - Connectedness

Enneagram: 4w3

An artist with a drive to win. 

Myers-Briggs: ENFP

Embrace big ideas with enthusiasm and creativity

3 things to know...

Global Leadership

I began my leadership journey 20 years ago and have lead both international and local teams across cross-cultural environments.

My experience in a variety of cultures has helped me ask different questions, see issues from a unique perspective, and listen before I talk (sometimes). 

I love using this experience to help projects, teams, and leaders gain clarity on their culture and environment. 

Vision Compass Cropped

Diverse roles

From public speaking to web development...I've been "the guy up front" leading large groups and also a designer who counts pixels to make designs perfect.

I don't do much pixel counting anymore, however, my experience in a variety of roles provides me with the ability to effectively empathize with and lead other creatives. 

Ability to think big and small

As a cartographer in the military during WWII, my grandfather used his artistic skills and scientific mind to make effective maps for the troops on the ground. 

I've inherited a similar gift that allows me to think both strategically and creatively at the same time. I easily flow from high-level leadership conversations to detail-oriented execution. This ability allows me to see situations from above, create clarity, and direct teams effectively. 

Communications System


I've been married for 22 years and have 4 wonderful kids who fill my life with so much joy.

Things I love giving my time to are my weekly dates with my wife, coaching my kids in soccer, playing guitar, playing pickleball, roasting coffee, and going to the beach. I love meaningful conversations about life and finding things in common with strangers. My kids are getting old enough to be embarrassed by how much I talk to strangers and I love it. 

If you wanted to see me geek out about something, we could talk about what makes great things great. From music to coffee...vintage bikes to photography...sports to movies...I love looking deeper and appreciating the little things that make things excellent. 

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