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Bad Websites Don't Build Trust

There's a Dutch saying, "Trust arrives on foot, but leaves on horseback." This is true of people trusting your brand as they experience it online. Most people who visit your site, start out with a good deal of trust in your brand. They came to you curious and open, and hope that by spending a bit of time on your site, they will easily find the information they need. 

It only takes one moment of confusion for people to spend their time (and money) somewhere else.

The four most common things which erode trust are:

  • Unclear messaging - Users don't understand how and why you make their world better.
  • Confusing navigation - unclear choices, not mobile-friendly.
  • Poor design taste - bad style sends the message that you lack attention to detail.
  • Outdated Information - Irrelevant posts, dates, events, contact information.

Over the past few years, I've helped close to 40 business owners build effective websites across all kinds of industries: landscaping, interior designer, finance, apparel, and consulting firms.

I've helped each of my clients build mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and strategically messaged websites. My consultative approach will help you get the most out your budget and put you on a strategic path.

Here's a sample of the sites I've done...

Axact Capital Home Page design by Justin Powell

Axact Capital Website Design and Build

Axact Capital is an Orange County-based business funding group. They came to me looking for a fresh design which was mobile friendly and easier to navigate than their existing, out-of-date site. I worked directly with the owner of the company to develop a site which matched their design preferences and functions great on mobile devices.…

Lisa Faith Home Page design by Justin Powell

Lisa Faith Website

Lisa Faith is an interior designer located in Orange County, CA. She helps her clients create unique spaces which encourage them to ‘never settle for boring’. I worked with Lisa to design a new website which matches her out of the box aesthetic. She wanted it to be dark (mission accomplished), highlight her products and…

King Landscaping design by Justin Powell

King Landscaping Web Site

The King Landscaping team came to me because their existing site was crashing and not functioning on mobile. In under 10 business days, I was able to rebuild their site on a new platform, update the design, improve the navigation structure, bring stability to the site, and have it function perfectly on mobile devices. Special…

Mata Construction Website Design by Justin Powell

Mata Construction Website

Mata Construction is a landscape construction company whose work is found in some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Orange County. I met with the owner and while on a discovery call we discovered that his existing site was down and his Google listings were pointing to the website of a different company. He not only…

Finance Agent Homepage Square

Finance Agents Website

Finance Agents used my services to rebrand their company a couple of years ago. They recently asked me to redesign their website as they look to grow in the future. This project consisted of a number of pages, coming up with a UX strategy that would engage and inform users, and a homepage strategy unlike…

Earn 11

Earn 11

Project Highlights   Custom Design in Sketch Custom Development Fast Turn Around Time Custom Infographic Design Earn 11 is a business funding startup company who needed custom design and development done on a relatively short timeline. I designed over 7 custom pages: Home Page, Value Proposition Pages, Blog, Single Article, About Us, FAQ, and more.…

The Guild Website

The Guild

Project Highlights Custom Pricing Modules Client-Friendly user interface for easy content changes or additions Launched ahead of schedule     The team at The Guild, a co-working space in Englewood, CO came to Curabo because they needed a one-page website to clearly communicate their amenities and prices. They had a tight deadline to meet as…

Lendtuit Main Page


I worked with Lendtuit, a start-up business finance company, to develop their new brand, website, and content strategy. Their logo represents the interconnected nature of Lenduit with their clients, resources, and capital for growth. Curabo created the tagline “It’s time for your business to really shine” as Lendtuit helps existing business owners use business funding to turn their ideas…