Lendtuit Main Page

I worked with Lendtuit, a start-up business finance company, to develop their new brand, website, and content strategy. Their logo represents the interconnected nature of Lenduit with their clients, resources, and capital for growth.

Curabo created the tagline “It’s time for your business to really shine” as Lendtuit helps existing business owners use business funding to turn their ideas into reality. This idea connects the imagery of the lightbulb in their logo with the purpose and strategy of their business.

I also helped Lenduit develop their brand through the creation of a custom website, new three-dimensional office sign, business cards, branded marketing collateral, and email campaigns.

The color palette for the logo laid the ground work for the interior designer to create a beautiful space for the Lendtuit team in Irvine, California.

Lendtuit Office Space in Irvine CA

Throughout this process, we worked with printers, sign fabricators, developers, and the team at Lendtuit.

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