Athletic success is built on productively applying and understanding talent. 

About Justin

As a father of four, I understand the desire to see your player thrive, succeed, and enjoy the process of using sports as a way to develop. As a certified StrengthsFinder Consultant, I have the firm belief that focusing on strengths is the best way to help our children find their place in the world and lead successful lives. 

I first discovered the StrengthsFinder Assessment while working on a multi-national and multi-cultural team in Paris, France. I wish I had discovered how to look at the world through a lens of strength years sooner when I was a collegiate athlete. 

Had I understood StrengthsFinder philosophies and the strengths of others on my teams, I would have gone pro....just kidding...but I would have:

• Understood how my innate talents influence the way I developed as an athlete

• Been a more effective leader on the field/court

• Had a more positive outlook on the journey of growth

• Understood how to more productively apply my talents on the field and court (and classroom).

Justin and M Square

The StrengthsFinder movement began when Dr. Donald Clifton began exploring one simple question:

“What will happen when we think about what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them?”

Who is this for and what does this look like?

Student-Athlete StrengthsFinder engagements are for players playing competitive level sports (club to university).

This engagement includes three online meetings (one with you as a parent, two with your player) and exercises which will help them learn to express their talents and discover their best ways of engaging their world. 

Cost: The StrengthsFinder engagement is $149.99 per player. 

If you are a Coach, Athletic Director or Manager, please contact me to learn more about group training or StrengthsFinder consulting for your team.

We connect on the phone

I'm a parent...I don't want just anyone talking to my kid! So we should meet over the phone or a Zoom call to get to know each other first. 

Your Player Takes the StrengthFinder Assessment

I will provide you with a code to take the test, or ship you a book with the code included.  

I should note the minimum age for taking the full StrengthsFinder assessment is around 14. There is another version of the assessment for 10-14-year-olds as well.

Zoom Call to Process Assessment

I will meet on a Zoom call with your athlete to guide a conversation based on their results. The goal is to help them put language to their talents, and give them space understand what the results mean for them as an athlete. 

Self-Discovery Excerises

I give your player 2 exercises to do that will give them practice at expressing themselves and embracing their newfound language of Strength. 

Follow-Up and Debrief Zoom Call

I will meet with your player to help them process their findings, how they have grown, how the experienced the self-discovery work. 

Let's Connect

You're more than welcome to use the form below or give me a call at: (971) 202-6560.
I look forward to connecting with you!