Seasons of change present the best opportunity to invest in your strengths.

7 Reasons to Invest in Your Strengths

Have you ever had the thought, "I'm ready for what's next in life..." yet didn't know where to start? 

As a certified StrengthsFinder consultant, I believe that your strengths are the very first place you should draw from. Initiating positive momentum throughout a season of change is a challenge, but you can do it if you learn to lean on your strengths.

Focusing on your strengths will help you:

• Articulate what you are best at...without feeling like you're being conceited!

• Shine light on what makes you unique.

• Grow in confidence during a time of confusion.

• Understand how your strengths impact the world around you. 

• Identify and assess opportunities that are a good fit for your natural talents. (Increasing the likelihood of success)

• Develop a positive outlook on the journey of growth.

• Understand how to productively apply your talents in your current (and future) roles and teams.

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The StrengthsFinder movement began when Dr. Donald Clifton began exploring one simple question:

“What will happen when we think about what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them?” - Donald Clifton

Who is this for and what does this look like?

We're in an unprecedented time of change and many of us are looking for direction, stability and want practical strategies for personal growth. 

This engagement includes an initial call, 2 online meetings and exercises which will help you learn to express your talents and discover your best ways of engaging their world. 

Cost: The StrengthsFinder One-on-one engagement is $149.99 (plus a small cost for the assessment should you need to take it). 

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Submit StrengthFinder Results

If you have never taken the StrengthsFinder Assessment, you'll need to either buy a code directly from Gallup or you can purchase a book with an assessment code in the back from Amazon.

Once you have your assessment results, you'll need to share your results with me here. 

Zoom Call to Explore Assessment Results

Once I receive your assessment results (via the link in the button above), we'll schedule a time to process your assessment results via Zoom. This will be a one-hour conversation which helps you process how your talents have been formed and experienced throughout your lifetime. 

Before our call, I'll email you a document which helps you visualize your strengths. 

Strengths Dashboard

Self-Discovery Excerises

I will give you 2 exercises which will help you get in touch with your talents and further articulate how your strengths equip you to engage with the world.  This will give you an opportunity to practice your new language of Strength. 

Follow-Up and Debrief Zoom Call

Once you complete your work, we'll schedule a 30-minute zoom call to debrief your findings and talk about what you have learned about yourself. 

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Once you submit the form below, I'll reach out to discuss next steps.