Speaking Engagements

Engaging Communication with Practical Application

What's the point of listening to a great presentation if it doesn't give real world application? There are plenty of great talks on podcasts or YouTube, but having an experienced communicator speak strategically to your team produces lasting results.

Here's how I think of it: If you have 30 people in a room listening to a 2-hour talk, you may be investing thousands of dollars in time your team would typically be working. I take this is a challenge to offer lasting ROI on your team's time.

I've spoken in front of audiences as large as 2,000 and lead groups as small 2 or 3. Regardless of context, my goal is always the same: I reframe people's perspective on the big picture using applicable insights and strategic explaination.

Topics I Speak On

  • Applications of StrengthsFinder
  • Tranforming Your Culture Using Strengths
  • Leading with Values
  • Self Awareness and Personal Development
  • Domains of Strength
  • Using Strengths on Your Team
  • How to Build a Marketing Strategy
  • Creating Content that Matters

Let's Connect

You're more than welcome to use the form below or give me a call at: (971) 202-6560.
I look forward to connecting with you!