Cost of Engagement

What's Engagement Worth To You?

Most business owners and managers measure their bottom line in terms of profit and loss. But what if loss wasn't just about what goes out? What if there was an unseen loss which could be avoided and dramatically increase profit? Would you take action and fix it?

Engagement is defined as an employee's emotional connection to the goals and mission of the organization. The Gallup Organization studied millions of businesses to learn that only 33% of the workforce in the United States would qualify as 'engaged'. 

The graph below highlights the monthly and annual loss per employee in companies with average and high disengagement rates.

True Cost of Disengaged Employees

My 'Inside-Out' approach to culture development and marketing will help you gain insight into your team's levels of engagement and assess areas of strength and weakness. In a study which included millions of individuals and thousands of businesses, companies who adopt a Strengths focus show an increase in engagement, sales, and profitability.

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