Why the name Curabo?

Naming a business or new program is a tall task. You have to consider a lot of things: What does it mean? Is the URL available? Will it be memorable? Are the social media handles available? Does it feel right? Does it have personal significance? Will it make sense as your business grows? Does it make sense for your industry? Is there anyone else in my space with a similar name? ….the list can go on and on!

We knew when we started Curabo that we would bring something different to the table. Different thinking, different process, different questions, different solutions. All of these things combine to be what we call 3rd Culture thinking.

The term ‘Third Culture Kids‘ was popularized by John and Ruth Useem and was used to describe the children of missionaries and military servicemen and woman who were growing up apart from their parents home culture. Third Culture people are “cultural hybrids, cultural chameleons, and global nomads. [They] are particularly adept at building relationships with other cultures while not possessing a cultural identity of their own.” Because of this identity formation, 3rd culture people have a unique ability to process a given scenario from multiple viewpoints and discover the best strategy for success.

So, where did the name Curabo Collective come from? Just like 3rd culture kids are a mix of their parents and host country’s cultures, Curabo is a mix of letters found in the names of three of our favorite third culture kids.

We added the word ‘Collective’ for a couple of reasons:

1. Curabo by itself was taken by domain resellers and inactive social media users…so we needed to add something that made sense in light of our values.

2. We aim to build a team which achieves greater results with our ‘collective’ talents than any individual could alone.

After all of this, we googled the word Curabo just make sure it didn’t mean something weird.  We learned it shares the root of a latin word meaning: to take care of. Our goal is to take care of the businesses and non-profits we have the opportunity to serve.

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