StrengthsFinder in Orange County

When I first moved to Orange County in 1997, I had no idea how my last minute decision to go a small private university in Fullerton, CA would impact my life forever. Inever thought I’d stay in Southern California, but over 20 years later, I’m calling Orange County ‘home’…but in a very round-about way.

After college, my wife and I moved to Europe where we first exposed to the StrengthsFinder assessment. The organization we worked for used the StrengthsFinder tool to help our international and multi-cultural teams understand one another, be more effective in our work, and help us grow in our areas of highest potential. This work helped us navigate our many differences and left a lasting impact.

When I started Curabo, my objective was to help leaders and businesses grow from the inside out. I wanted to pass on my experience crafting vision and values for multi-cultural teams to businesses here in California.

I am incredibly excited to use the StrengthsFinder assessment with businesses and non-profits. As a certified StrengthsFinder I use this tool to help any business:

  • Navigate generational differences
  • Invest in their employees
  • Create cultural change
  • Put language to development
  • Make strategic management decisions

Businesses in Orange County have global reach and impact. I consider it an honor to invest in the teams and individuals who lead these businesses.

I also work with individuals looking to develop using the StrengthsFinder tool. Use the form below to learn more.

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