The Domains of Strength give us a high level view of how are talents show up in our lives and on our teams.

Executing Domain

Do you feel like you could work for hours? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment when the job gets done? Do you keep lists and work tirelessly to accomplish everything on it? Do you feel psychological ownership of tasks? Do you love to implement solutions?

Your teams look to you help get the job done. While others like to talk about ideas or connect with others, you like to put things into motion and turn ideas into reality.

Take pride in your ability to focus on tasks, get work done, and make vision a reality. 

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Thinking Domain

Do you love creating and processing ideas? Do you collect information? Are you the one on the team who spends the most time doing research? Do you ask lots of questions? Do you spend time thinking about the past, present, or future? Do you crave more data? Do you remember details about people, places, or things?

When teams need to make decisions, people with talents in the Thinking domain can help the team understand 'why' an option may be the best. People who process lots of information may not always be the first people to speak up, but it's important to draw them into decision to ensure all angles are covered.

Take pride in your love for information, ability to process, or creative new ideas.

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Influencing Domain

Do you help others take action? Are the champion of new ideas? Do people seem to believe the things you say? Do you speak with confidence and clarity? Do you believe that you can do whatever your team sets out to do? Do others look to you for security? Do you instincually know how to draw people to yourself?

People with themes in the Influencing Domain know how to motivate, inspire, and direct other people. They are powerful when a team is adopting new practices or when a company is establishing a new vision. 

Take pride in your ability to inspire others, help others believe in new concepts, and your passion for making things better for others.

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Relating Domain

Do you find a way to fit in anywhere? Do you see people for who they could be? Do you understand the emotions of others? Do you see how everything connects? Do you invite people into relationship? Do you see the good in people? Do you understand and value how every person is unique?

People with themes in the Relating Domain are the glue which keeps teams together. These relationally-driven people sense the health of a team, look out for how change is impacting others, and can help people feel a strong sense of belonging.

Take pride in how your strengths connect people, help others feel understood and connected! 

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Justin Dashboard Graphic

Your Strength Mix

The Strengths Dashboard to the left is a visual representation of my strength mix. Each part of the circle coordinates with the color of the corresponding domain. This tool helps us visualize our strength makeup. When working with teams, this tool makes it easy for you to see how each person is uniquely wired.

Want to discover your strengths?

Taking the StrengthsFinder® assessment is really easy to do! Purchase the book on or a local bookstore, use the code in the back to access the assessment online. If you have any questions about the assessment or your results, please feel free to contact me!

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