12 Years in the Making

So what’s new with Curabo? 

I’ve been passionate about helping people, teams, and businesses grow for most of my life. Over the past few years, I’ve focused on helping businesses and non-profits grow through content, creative campaigns, brand-building, and marketing strategy. I’ve built and designed over 20 websites, created over 40 logos and brands, and launched content campaigns; earning businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in return.


I believe many businesses and non-profits would benefit from help with creative work and content. But there is a deeper level of work businesses must do in order to create lasting and sustainable health. Businesses and non-profits (and humans) are at their best when they are growing from the inside out.


I had been looking for the right solution to offer clients and it turns out the solution found me 12 years ago in Paris.


“It turns out the solution found me 12 years ago in Paris.”

I was first introduced to the StrengthsFinder assessment when I was helping lead a multicultural project in Paris.  The multinational non-profit I worked with had brought in a consultancy group to help our teams across Europe function at higher levels. I’ll never forget the insights I gained and the many ways they impacted me:

  • Helped me understand myself and the core strengths I had to offer others
  • Helped me understand my team members in light of their strengths as opposed to our differences.
  • Helped me understand how my strengths work with my wife’s strengths and to see more clearly the ways our relationship could thrive.
  • Helped me see how every person has unique strengths which can make this world a better place.



The StrengthsFinder is not the only test out there, but it is unlike any other personality test or assessment you may take.


According to Gallup, over 17 million people have taken the StrengthsFinder test since it was first released and 90% of Fortune 500 use the vocabulary and philosophy with their teams. People who have taken the test have found they are:

  • 6 times as likely to be engaged at work
  • 7.8% more productive in their role
  • 3 times as likely to have an excellent quality of life
  • 6 time sas likely to do what they do best every day


When the StrengthsFinder results are applied correctly, it is a powerful tool to help you grow in self-awareness and create cultures of positivity. Imagine everyone around you growing in self-awareness and doing what they do best! I’ve personally experienced the transformation of teams functioning in their strengths…and it’s something I want every team to experience!


Offering the StrengthsFinder assessment and ongoing conversations alongside the values and culture assessments I already use is a big step for me and the future of Curabo. It gives me a practical tool to use when serving businesses and non-profits and an even deeper foundation from which to build creative content and brands.


The StrengthsFinder assessment can help businesses:

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Increase a culture of positivity
  • Increase the effectiveness of teams and managers
  • Show they want to invest in their employees’ personal growth
  • Navigate issues found in a multi-generational workspace


Contact me if you would like to learn more about the work I do with the StrenthsFinder.



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