I was thinking the other night…Values aren’t really values until they are lived out. Until lived, they remain only aspirations. We (myself and Jen) have values that we want to live by throughout our lives (Service, Hospitality, Authenticity, Gratitude), but if we’re they are not being fleshed out in our lives, then we really can’t say they are values. Honestly, I think we’re doing ok with these…I’d say that we’re at 70% values, 30% aspirations…

But if all that we say value isn’t practiced it means that there is room for something else in our lives…our real values. If someone were to look at my life, I wonder what they would say are my real values? I think I need to take some time to reflect on what my life is communicating that my values are and compare them to what I want them to be…maybe for another post…when I post next decade some time!

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  1. Lawrence on February 25, 2010 at 12:43 am


    You are spot on! Unfortunately, most of us do not recognize this. We go around stating our values and our goals, when these really are just our aspirations and dreams, which many of us are not willing to commit to to make them our values and goals/accomplishments. Once we recognize what you just stated, I believe we can begin to really appply ourselves to making them our values and goals.

  2. Christine on February 28, 2010 at 1:07 am

    Oh please don’t wait til the next decade…I’d like a little more clarity on your thoughts regarding values. Aren’t values something all humans struggle with, no matter how well meaning? It’s hard to hold fast to what we value, because so often we become a bit delusional (yes, delusional) about our accomplishments and successes. In my opinion, our values become skewed because we fail to dampen down those moments of pridefulness that creep into our everyday life, almost in a form of idolatry. Wow. Where’d all that come from? Obviously this is something I need to assess in my own life. Thanks for your thoughts. I’ll look forward to reading more….

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