My name is Justin

Believing there is something greater.

Husband of Jen

Dad of Maisie, Cutler, and Glisan (and Molly)

I don't know what home means except for the place I'm with with the above people.

I love:


good food.


playing guitar.

taking pictures.


meeting new people.

thinking about new things.

creating...anything, anywhere, with anyone.

I've lived:

In 3 States (Indiana, Oregon, & California.

In 3 European countries (France, Holland, and Spain).

With plenty.

With little.

With great hope.

With sadness.

With peace.

And with tension...

And with peace in times of tension.

This site is:

a long history of posts over many seasons of life.

Full of posts I am proud of.

Full of posts that make me feel like I'm reading the words of someone I do not know.

Full of contradictions.