Communications Consulting

Your Story is Always Being Told

Your true brand is both spoken and unspoken. Tangible and intangible. It's told through your leadership style, team culture, and marketing efforts. 

While you can't control every nuance of your story, you can influence the plot by asking good questions, reflecting on the impact of your leadership style, establishing your core practices, empowering your team, and communicating with clarity.

There are three primary ways I help leaders be proactive in telling a clear and true story...

Vision Compass Cropped

Vision & Values

Your team needs to know where they are going and why it matters.

Vision defines 'the why' and values define 'the how'. 

Clear vision and values guide your internal teams, but they are also helpful for your clients and customers to know what to expect from you and your products. The best companies build their brands around unchanging values which resonate with their target market.  



Every leader should articulate their desired culture, but the 'real team culture' isn't written down on paper. It's found in their collective 'way of being.'

It is critical for leaders to measure and understand any gaps between their 'aspirational culture' and their functioning culture.

The only way to do do this is to use tools which give your team opportunity to express their voice in healthy and honest ways. 

I have created an online assessment which helps leaders understand their culture, how it can improve, and gives team members the opportunity to feel understood. 

Communications System

Communication Systems

Successful business owners are great at doing what they do...but creating and managing effective communication systems is not often one of them.

A Communications System is the sum of all of the tools you use to communicate internally and externally. This includes your website, branding, social media, email marketing, etc. 

I help you sort through the sea of options and leverage the most effective tools to get your message across. 

Why Communication Consulting?

How your team functions, communicates and works together is just as critical to your business as the product you are selling. When you invest in your team, you put fuel in the tank which gets the car moving down the road.

Your team will benefit from...

  • A clear understanding of why their work matters
  • Values which inform their actions and how their actions contribute to the success of the business
  • Communication practices with clear actions steps

The best way to start is to meet for a free hour of consulting. We can talk about any communications hurdles you may have in front of you or opportunities you want to process with another leader who can give you objective feedback and ask questions. I offer this to give you a 'no strings attached' opportunity to get to know me...and because I genuinely love talking about great communication and helping leaders solve problems.

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