Writing to myself

Well…I think it’s official. I am writing on this blog for myself. It’s been neglected, unmaintained, and I am all alone with my thoughts and reflections…and in fact, this post has taken me 3 different times of sitting down to finish!

So, with that being said…

This morning I was reading about time and what I read is applicable to me…

There is absolutely no need to run after time to catch it. It does not run away from us, it runs toward us. Whether you are intent on the next minute coming your way, or whether you are completely unaware of it, it will come your way. The future, whatever you do about it, will become the present, and so there is no need to try to jump out of the present into the future. We can simply wait for it to be there, and in that respect we can perfectly well be completely stable and yet move in time, because it is time that moves.

Beginning to Pray – Anthony Bloom

In the next season of life that comes my way, I am committing to be more aware of being present. The only place that we can truly change is the present. Certainly my present choices affect my future, but the future is not mine to determine. In the Scriptures, Joshua says to the people of Israel, “Choose this day whom you will serve…As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” I think that there is something significant about ‘choosing this day’ that I will serve. Life is too fragile to wait until tomorrow to do become the person that God wants me to be…

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  1. Clint on March 29, 2009 at 5:57 am

    well, I needed that. thanks j.

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