What I’ve Done – Linkin Park Video

“So let mercy come, and wash away, what I’ve done…”

From the voice of the singer of Linkin Park we hear a cry for forgiveness…a cry that all of us have probably said (or at least should have said) before about personal things…treating our friends badly, hurting people we love, not living rightly, etc…

But this video captures some things that we as humanity need to ask for forgiveness over…things in the history of humanity that we need to deal with…to bring them into the light.

What images stick out to you? What juxtapositions made you think?

A few thoughts…

I love it that a concern for God’s creation is now an agenda for pop-culture.
I love that our culture is starting to ask questions about the legacy that we are leaving.
I love that a pop-band has a video that may inspire people to think about a global perspective of food, health, war, innocence, and life.
I love that we are living in a time where the choices we make can have global impact
I love that we are at a turning point in history…and my hope is that after I die the world as I know it will be a better place. We have opportunity at our doorstep to leave the planet better off for our daughters and sons than we found it. amen?

***My new category “From out of nowhere” springs up from a passion of mine…to see where God’s messages come from out nowhere…movies, music, art, etc…I hope that this idea may somehow encourage you to try and find God where you may least expect Him. (Thanks to John Fischer who forever gave me eyes to see this through his book ‘Finding God Where You Least Expect Him’)


  1. Jen on July 9, 2007 at 12:39 am

    It disgusted me to see the obsession that Americans have with food and weight (not excluding myself) compared to the starvation of others. Really gets you thinking. This is a video we should watch once a week as a reminder. A reminder of how we consume consume consume. Made me realize that I waste so much time and money on things that don’t even matter in the end. It grosses me out. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Christine on July 9, 2007 at 2:09 am

    Sombering and convicting. What have I done? Lots of things and not much of anything. A foolish life is one that has no eternal value. This gives me cause to stop and reflect, no, maybe scream in frustration and anguish at the apathy shown and lack of care for what really matters in the scheme of all things. Jen, I agree. Consumerism, I think especially in the States, has become the veil that covers our eyes from the reality of a compassionate and giving heart. Why should others become insignificant because of our greed? (and a world wide rock concert to raise awareness will not change this…it will only happen when the eyes of each heart is opened to the pain of others).

  3. Jonathan on July 9, 2007 at 11:40 pm

    The images that stuck out to me most were the thin pictures. The girl checking her waiste, then the starving man.

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