Thoughts on songwriting from John Mark McMillan

I’ve really been into John Mark McMillan‘s song writing since hearing a song of his this past spring. He’s a gifted songwriter and has a way of saying profound things in simple ways…His album ‘The Medicine’ (see below) is one of my favorite albums right now…I think it ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS6 ACADEMIC has easily cracked my favorite 10 ‘Christian’ albums of all time. He recently posted on his blog about songwriting…it’s worth a read if you are a writer or a creator of any kind.


Here it is: The Promenade: Worship and Song Part 2: Bring It Home?

Favorite line

Don’t give me the “side hug” folks. Write music from your gut, not out of obligation. I want the grit. I want the hard truth. Otherwise your just buzzing like the fridge. We all hear ya, we just don’t notice anymore. – John Mark McMillan

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