The Sad State of Professional Sports

Star quarterback indicted by the FBI for dog ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS6 fighting…
Leader of the Tour de France kicked off of tour under suspicion of doping…
Baseball star getting ready to break all-time home record under cloud of controversy about steroid use…
NBA referee a part of betting scandal on games that he officiated…

What is up? How long will this go on before professional sports becomes too unbearable for me, or anyone, to enjoy? At least in ‘professional wrestling’ we know it’s more about entertainment than actual competition…I’d hate to see the steroid test results for those guys…and girls!

There has to be some kind of lesson for the ‘normal guy’ in all of this. Maybe it’s as ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS6 simple as learning to have integrity in the little things before you’re in the spotlight? Maybe it’s that we need to learn that no matter how we try, we won’t be able to hide ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS6 our secrets? ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS6 Maybe it’s that we should see the cost of when others reveal our secrets and not when we pursue authenticity for ourselves? Maybe this is an opportunity to question what lengths we’d go to in order to ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS6 win? Maybe it’s all of these and more?

Good luck professional sports. You’re at a critical time…and better develop a ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS6 renewed passion for integrity and justice.

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  1. Ryan McCarty on July 28, 2007 at 4:12 pm

    Rack Him! (thats what they say on Jim ROme when someone makes a good point.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Being a lifelong and huge Bengals fan ( insert jail joke here) I have seen some great talent fall to suspensions and just plain hurt the prospects of a team that has more than just playoff potential. With the parity on the NFL and slim talent margin between teams, the few who dont keep their ish together can truly hurt the team where most of them do keep it together.

    I dont want to even get on the Bonds soapbox, he has already lost in the court of public opinion, which, to me would mean more than a stat on a scoresheet.


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