The God Who Makes All Things New – Brief Thoughts on the Resurrection of Jesus

I have to be honest…I am giddy about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus tomorrow. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. I’ve (mostly) finished reading NT Wright’s book “Surprised by Hope” and it truly has given me great hope. I feel like the curtain on God’s huge agenda of love, hope, and restoration has been pulled back and I am seeing for the first time how significant the resurrection of Jesus is to all of creation. This both magnifies and diminished the personal aspect of this truth. I feel small in all that God is doing, there is so much bigger of a story going on than me. But I feel like so significant to know that all along God has intended to make me new, give me hope, a future, and many chances to taste His unconditional love.

The resurrection of Jesus is the initiating act of God bringing the whole of His creation back to Himself. It’s because of Jesus’ resurrection all of the created order has changed trajectory for all of eternity. It’s because of Jesus’ resurrection we, along with everything God has made, are given opportunity to transfer the work of God and become co-re-creators with Him. It’s because of the resurrection of Jesus we have already defeated death, the effect of sin, and we are able to live in hope of whatever it is God has for us.

When Jesus died on that cross I believe that it was as if all of creation had the wind knocked out of it. The One in whom all things were given life, hung lifeless. But when Jesus was resurrected from the dead, a new breath, hope, and expectation of all that is to come was birthed inside every created thing…It’s with this new breath in my lungs, hope in my heart, and expectation in my life that I lay in bed writing…not being able to go to sleep. I’ve never been brought to tears by a new toy on Christmas morning (well, maybe), but thinking about what it is that we are really celebrating in the morning both breaks me and builds me. I’m moved to tears with gratitude and hope. The anticipation of Santa and his reindeer doesn’t hold a candle to looking towards the God who makes all things new.

May God’s grace, life, hope, love, and peace hit you like a ton of bricks as you reflect on the resurrection of Jesus and the mission of re-creation we are gifted to join Him on.

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  1. Adam on April 18, 2009 at 12:59 am

    Great thoughts Justin. I love your passion and I love to be around people like you who have a fresh heart for God’s work and an almost tangible hope of restoration. We all need people to encourage us and to remind us that God’s promises are as solid as the ground we walk on. Thanks,

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