The Future of Food

I watched this documentary on Hulu last night:

The Future of Food

To be honest when it was over, I was pretty fired up. The thought that kept going through my head was

The love of money is the root of all evil.

I am not shocked, but I am saddened at how many in our government are creating and ruling on laws that benefit themselves while the American people are kept in the dark.

On top of the political side of the documentary, I was saddened by the ecological side as well! The diversity of foods are being controlled by corporations who make a ‘super seed’ that they can sell to farmers that will grow and with stand ‘Roundup’ because of its DNA manipulation…this just isn’t natural.

On top of the political and ecological issues, I was saddened by the ethical practices of corporations who have patented seeds, that even when scattered accidentally on a farmers property (like from a passing truck) give the corporation right to sue the farmer for ‘patent infringement’. Patent infringement? On a seed? Well, it makes money, a lot of money…just watch the video.

After watching things like this, it makes me glad that we are moving to Europe. When people in Europe fight for their rights, people hear about it because they aren’t inoculated by garbage news stories that take the American attention away from the real issues of life. And beside…When Europeans outraged against genetically altered food, their governments listened, because they didn’t have personal profit at stake!

Here’s the point though…we can speak out against things and get information out. That’s part of why I why I write on here. So watch the movie, be mad, and then start changing things…for the future.

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