Stuff White People Like…a blog

I came across this blog a while ago and found it really funny…worth linking to at least: Stuff White People Like.

I’ve not read all the content, so can’t make any sweeping guarantees. My favorite articles so far has been: #111 – Pea Coats, and #110 Frisbee Sports…and #1 – Coffee istn’ too bad either…

*Paul, I think you would appreciate #107 – Self Aware Hip Hop References

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  1. Paul on October 20, 2008 at 8:02 pm

    That’s hilarious, but he forgot some very important sayings:
    “Oh SNAP, that hummus is off the CHAIN!”, or “That waiter is trippin’ if he thinks he’s gonna get the full 15% tip with this kind of service!”

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