Spain at 300kph!

So we’re on our way to Madrid by train. The train from Barcelona to Madrid is pretty nice and it goes pretty fast too! To make the drive would take about eight hours. The train takes 2 and a half! And plus, they are showing High School Musical 3 in Spanish! Obviously a huge bonus.

The Spanish countryside reminds me a lot of California. Lots of rolling hills and agriculture. At the moment were going through a spot that looks like the beautiful drive from LA to Palm Springs! I took some video and I’ll try to see if I can upload it from my phone.

Despite our trip to Madrid being a last minute ‘need-based’ trip, I am really looking forward to hanging out with our friends there. We’ve been in BCN for a while now and have missed the comradory of having a team. And it will be great for Maisie to get to play with her friend Alleke a bit too!!! (she is our friends’ daughter who is Maisie’s age) Hopefully the ‘business’ part of our trip will go well too!!! Pray for us these next couple of days!

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