Silence ≠ Loneliness

Every morning I try to wake up and spend some time in silence…to be honest, I spend most of this time with my head full of way too much thinking and not enough time resting. Many mornings I end up feeling alone; like no real connection with God was made.

But this morning I read something that made me realize a truth that I’ve either neglected to see or embrace: When I’m sitting mulling over my life, my upcoming day, my days past, I’m not doing that ‘to God’. Instead God is doing this with me. God is not a disconnected figure in whom I hope is listening in a far off place. Instead God has chosen to join me in my processing and listen. My mind is free of shouting into nothingness hoping that if it only spins faster, processes more, or figures out the answers that God will hear me.

Today I realized that trusting in God’s closeness will transform my shouting into a whisper. My whispers into silence. And my silence into rest. In the rest of God’s presence I realize that I’m the furthest place possible from loneliness.

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  1. Christine on July 15, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    so well written (i miss your missives). this was a good reminder to me…thanks

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