Self Deception? or just deception?

I recently read a book called ‘Leadership and Self Deception’ and in the book it told the story a man who truly believed that as a child he was in a concentration camp. He believed it to the extent that he wrote a book about it and won awards for his writing. But it wasn’t true.

Here is a story of another man who might be suffering from the same level of deception:

BBC NEWS | Europe | US veteran’s D-Day lies exposed

It would be sad if this man were just be a deceiver like some boys (in contrast to men intentionally) on the Bachelorette named Wes. But his stories and ability to continue with them make me think that this guy has just created some memories and really believes them. (Unlike creating the idea that you’re going to be a successful public figure when everyone now knows how cruel of a person you are.)

But if you’re interested in learning more about self-deception and false memories you should really read the book…it’s very very interesting!

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  1. lisafaraway on July 9, 2009 at 8:33 am

    Byron is reading that book. I’m not sure if “enjoying” would be the right word but he says it’s very good. He’s really looking forward to the next one “The Anatomy of Peace.” Have you read that?

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