Searching for a Savior…

This morning I watched the Obama inauguration and to be honest, it was moving. This is a historic moment in world history and I am thankful to be alive to experience it. (I think that hype and celebrity may even make this historic event too much about pop-culture and some may miss the true global impact of this!)

As I watched people celebrate Obama (and even think I heard a presenter say, The United States of Obama) and all that many believe he will bring, I realized something: People want a savior! Today I saw proof that there is something in everyone, celebrities and the poor, that believes that another person can bring healing, hope, and even ‘salvation’. Today I saw that given the right circumstances people are not too proud to accept a savior. People cried, people cheered, people danced, and people laughed…because of their excitement over what is going on. I guess I’m trying to say that people aren’t as far away from wanting a savior as we might think they are…

So I guess my question is this: why have so many been willing to ‘accept Obama as savior’ while Jesus is oft ignored? Since people are searching for a savior, and Jesus is creation’s true savior, what’s gone wrong? 

If anything, I was writing just to make an observation that people of all stations in life are searching and hoping…and I think that this is a great thing to see regardless of how misplaced it may be.

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