Random Reflections on Relationships…

I really just got the urge to write…this has been rare for me as you can tell by the serious lack of posts lately. 

But I wanted to write about relationships…just some random, semi-unconnected thoughts

I really love relationships with people when I have a history with people. Don’t get me wrong, love new friends…but today I was at a church where I saw a lot of people that I spent time with when we lived here. There is something significant when you  know where a person has come from, when you’ve been able to see them grow and become more like Jesus. 

I love relationships where it seems like I’ve never left. Paul, Ryan, Jeremy, Christian, Jason….these are some of my friends (and there are others) where when we hang out, it just feels like we haven’t ever been apart. I especially love this about my friend Ryan…we were in each others weddings and then didn’t really stay in touch. After years of not really talking, we can see each other and be laughing within seconds…

I hate not being settled in life right now…for two main reason, well three: One: I don’t like that it’s driving our family crazy. Two: I hate living out of out a camping backpack and having all of my nice shirts wrinkly. But the big one for me is that I hate the limited time I get with people that are significant in my life. I hate that I feel like everything important to be said has a sense of urgency…I really miss sharing life…simple life with people where there is a mix between the simple and the significant.

The thing I enjoy the most about ‘going to church’ is hearing people’s stories…listening. Knowing. Praying. I think that there is something truly sacred in taking a moment to really enter into another’s presence and hear them. To enjoy their laughter and to say ‘Thanks God’ for the gift that they are. 

Laughter is really important to me…I’m realizing that the people that I am close to, I laugh with. I like to think of Jesus laughing…and I really love the Jesus film where the guy who plays Jesus smiles a lot. I think Jesus and I will laugh a lot in Heaven together. 

I really want to be known…I really want to know others. If I have to spend much more of my life in a cycle of engage-disengage…move on to the next friendship….I think I’ll go crazy. I just want to be settled and have people into my home, hang out in cafés…and know I’m not going to be moving on in a few weeks…is that too much to ask? 

God…help me to engage well…to love well…to have the capacity to push through. Help me reveal your care for people. Help me to slow down. Help me to listen well. Make me into a good friend.

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  1. Kristi Templeton on January 12, 2009 at 11:42 pm

    Hey…my image of church looks more like yours every day. Ironically, I am employed by a mega church…and i sit through “Talks”every week. But the most significant thing that has happened to me in church lately, was last week when I prayed with a woman who came forward. She is in her 30’s. 2 kids. Jobless. Moneyless. Hopeless. Friendless. The weird thing is, she couldn’t have been more beautiful and totally looked like she had it all together. But she fell apart while we were talking. It’s been a week since I met with her. We’ve had several chances to connect. I have people looking for a job for her. I’m taking her to a Bible Study tomorrow with 2 other girls from church. One I know, One I don’t. And then coffee afterwards. That is church to me. Meeting, Connecting, Sharing life, struggles, joy, laughter…. I totally get what you are saying.

  2. Stephen on January 13, 2009 at 4:22 am

    I once heard someone say “we are entering the age of the micro-church.” The idea of the micro-church is based on the belief that you, me, Jen, Bethany, and other believers are in fact, the church. Therefore, when you and I sit down over a cup of coffee and talk, listen, and encourage each other….that’s church. Even if it’s done over a blog, or that thing called facebook. How awesome is it that the basic elements of what it means to be the body of Christ to each other can happen anywhere. I really liked what Kristi said about “meeting, connecting, sharing life, struggles, joy, laughter…” I believe that’s it, and that it can happen anywhere.

    That being said,

    Justin, since I have met you you have been a fabulous friend to me. Our talks in Hungry and in Portland, over the phone and over facebook have been very encouraging for me. Your pursuit of God’s heart for the people of Europe in the midst of chaos, as been a source of tremendous strength for me on my own ministry journey. Thank you. Here’s to the journey together…cheers.


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