My New Bike – 82 Colnago Mexico

I saw this super grainy, black and white photo of a bike for sale online. It was nearly impossible to tell what it was (you can see the picture in the flickr set) but I could tell it was 1.) my size, and 2.) looked kind of like a Colnago. I called the man selling it and he explained to me that he’s 67 and hasn’t ridden it years. It was, in fact, a Colnago. My Spanish isn’t that good, so I had my friend B call for me. I got a call back from B and he was on his way to go look at it. It happened to be only 18 kilometers away from where he was staying in Alicante, Spain.

Without even calling me to check in, B bought the bike on my behalf. Like any good friend, he just knew that I would want an 82 Colnago Mexico in near new condition! (Thanks B!)

While there B learned that Vicente, the original owner, was once the mayor of his town and that he had bought the bike brand new in the early 80’s. He said that when he originally bought it, it was such a high end bike that the local paper did a story about it.

Now it’s on it’s way to me…I feel in some ways like I’ve been given a chance to look after this piece of cycling history. But I’m not buying it to treat like a museum piece…I’m hoping that most of it’s kilometers/miles are ahead of it!

B sent me these pictures today…This is exactly the way it was taken out of Vicente’s basement. I’m going to have to wait a week or so to get it cleaned, tuned, and running so that I can hit the road! I’ll post more pictures when I get it cleaned and shined…

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