My “I have a friend going to Barcelona…” list

I get emails every so often with people asking me about ‘off the beatin’ path’ types of things to do in Barcelona. I thought it would be a help to put it in a blog with some links.

Favorite RestaurantCaravelle in the neighborhood El Raval. My friends Zim and Poppy own it. They are a read couple from OZ/UK respectively and they have the best food. The Moraccan eggs are mind blowing and I had the best burger I’ve ever had in my life there. And I’ve had 1000s of burgers.
Best tapas = el Atril in Plaça de Sant Cugat in El Borne. We lived about 5 min walk from this spot and ate there every time we had guests in town…and a lot even when we didn’t have guests in town. The owner, an Aussie named Brendon, also owned a wine shop across the street and would let us buy a bottle from there and open it at his restaurant.

Check out Santa Maria del Mar cathedral and grab a cuartado (little latte type of coffee drink) from Magnifico cafe just up the street. There’s a great gelato and goffres spot across the street too!

The whole area of El Borne was our spot. It’s a beautiful neighborhood with lots of great food and spots to hang out.

The Parc Ciutadella is a cool place to stroll around. The fountain in the park is beautiful.

  1. Walk through the Borne and get pizza at Pizza del Borne or tapas at El Atril.
  2. If you are in the Borne in the morning check out Hoffman Pastry schools shop on Carrer dels Flassaders…amazing stuff. They have a cinnamon roll/croissant that is mind blowing.
  3. Hike up to the cross at Parc Guell and see the whole city
  4. Walk along the beach in Barceloneta (the best bakery in BCN is in that little neighborhood. It’s called Forn Baluard…traditional pastries and bread.)
  5. Visit Sagrada Familia…if you go to BCN and miss this, then you will be sorry.
  6. Walk up Passieg de Gracia (from Plaza Catalunya) to the Gracia neighborhood and enjoy a more local scene.

Barcelona is a beautiful place…writing out this list makes me want to go back and visit so badly! I would offer a word of warning: watch your purses and wallets! Don’t let your time in this lovely city be tarnished by getting your stuff stolen!

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