It’s not easy

The title of this post could apply to a lot of things in my life right now. Speaking spanish, playing futbol, finding rhythm in life…but right now it’s about how it’s not easy leading my family at the moment.

I want to be a good husband, father, and leader for my family. But this season of life is kicking my butt. We’ve had no rhythm in our lives, lots of illness, more change, and the two kid thing really changes things. I’m continually pulled out of the house by futbol, meeting with people, trying to get ‘work’ stuff done, doing errands and I feel like my family suffers with how much I’m doing out of the house, while I feel like I could be doing more to move forward with our work here.

Tonight we had a pretty intense conversation over sushi…it was not a fun conversation. The kind where I think I said little to help and maybe didn’t make a lot of sense. I need to lead my family out of the spot we’re in and into something different. We’re making progress, but it’s slow going when we’re sick. Change just takes time…and takes making small choices every day that take us further into being who God wants us to be. As for now, I’m ready for bed and ready to wake up tomorrow and enjoy a new day…

Maybe you’re in the same spot as me…maybe you’re trying to turn a corner in life that seems to be coming slower than you’d like. Join me in remembering that each step of the way has it’s lessons to absorb and it’s challenges that make us ready for what’s around the corner. Maybe you just feel stuck…stopping and looking around isn’t a bad thing either. Our culture tells us that progress is moving forward…but moving forward in the wrong direction isn’t really progress. If you’re stuck like I feel some days, take some time to look at the big picture, look at where you are, and seek out the lessons you could be learning being stuck we’re your at.

Ok…that was a bit coachy…I’m tired…good night!

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  1. Christine on April 11, 2010 at 1:31 am

    There are always times in specific areas of our lives where ‘easy’ can’t be found…that it’s elusive and out of our grasp. However, to encourage you Justin, remember that the King always has one more move (ask me about that story…too long to print here), and when things seem bleak, He still has one more thing to accomplish.

    You’re right that your semblance of family has been sort of fractured, especially when compared to other moves you’ve made. However, because I am the designated rose colored glass wearer in the family (ha ha) I believe with all my heart He is doing something that is so marvelous in drawing you and Jen into a tight place, that He is going to (and IS) working incredible things for the Kingdom. Even if that means you’ve moved to Barcelona to strengthen your relationships with one another, is that a loss? Heck no!

    I wish in my own life that I could figure out where the sense of security is…how to get over my own unmotivation and what is next…It’s not ‘easy’, but it is real…this longing for steadiness and stability. Guess we all just have to persevere and hang on tight until the next thing comes (and will we then lament that it isn’t all that easy after all?).

    I love your heart for your family Justin…for your search for what is right and true, and always pray for you and my sweet family in Barcelona.

  2. Troy on April 11, 2010 at 10:09 am

    Loved the authenticity and honesty of this, Justin. I also love the fact that you are continually seeking, seeking, seeking. So great to see.

    I know that you all as a family are more-than-equal to the challenges of life right now. Jesus is able, so able.

    Praying mercy over you all and cheering you on.

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