It’s Never Too Late

This title might as well apply to me and my relationship with writing on this site. But I saw this ad and realized it was too good not to embed into my life…much less into my blog.

Generational change is a monumental topic to address in a tv spot about chemicals we use to clean our clothes. But this ad does it so well. This may or may not sell more detergent, but who cares?* They may have managed to cut through a few hundred therapy hours in just a handful of seconds (The marketing and communications side of me has a ton of respect for this as an art form).

To a degree, we are all like fish swimming in polluted water. The bits of plastic and oil that make it hard to move and breathe become a normal part of our environment. Those of us born into polluted water don’t know even have a frame of reference for what clean water feels like…and we swim on through the debris thinking all is well. Our state of illness becomes the norm and the feeling of swimming in fresh water becomes a memory so distant, or an experience so unimaginable, that change is beyond out of reach…incomprehensible. Until something happens when we see the pollution for what it really is…when we see it bring harm to the people we love.

It often takes an outside catalyst to jolt us into the awareness that all is not right. Life’s demands on our outer world rarely leave us with time to explore the ways our inner world may not be firing on all cylinders.

I’ve found two challenging things when it comes to dealing with the pollution I’m seeing in my world for the first time:

  1. Can I take ownership of the role I’ve played in contributing to the pollution?
  2. Do I have the courage to take action to change when it’s easy and expected for me just to remain the same?

*The company who paid for the ad cares by the way.

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