Football (soccer) Player Given Yellow Card for…

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Manchester | Footballer puts wind up referee

This is just too funny not to post…A soccer player in England was given a yellow card for ‘unsporting behaviour’, which is another way of saying that he farted while the opposing team was taking a penalty shot. The ensuing shot was missed…but because of the ‘distraction’ another shot was awarded and made. Neither the fart or the missed, then made, penalty kick effected the outcome of the game. But it did help effect the wallet of the club that was fined 90 pounds for the three yellow cards it was given during the match. Apparently, this referee doesn’t take kindly to crop-dusting the pitch. (link has additional content that is not really ‘proper’…as if this post is.)

I’m not even going to try and make this into an analogy for anything…it makes enough noise on it’s own.

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