Here is a great post by my friend Lisa. She uses a word that relates with her experience that I can’t use from my own. Here’s the address to her thoughts:

Let’s Put the Kettle On: The Famine and Michael

I’m having a hard time putting my head around the global celebration of a man whose life was flickering out in obscurity just months ago. Why is it that after a person is dead everyone talks about how important, meaningful, and great their lives were? Maybe if Michael Jackson had this kind of support before he died he wouldn’t have had the end of his be so isolating, estranged, and detached. But I guess talking about how great a person is after they are gone is a lot easier than taking up the responsibility and sacrifice that relationship requires. Once again…we come across the idea of famine, only this is the famine of substance that I think Lisa articulates so well…

(just to be certain you know this…my opinions don’t necessarily reflect Lisa’s)

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  1. lisafaraway on July 9, 2009 at 8:42 am

    I have been feeling the same thing. I wonder if part of the outpouring of grief had to do with the fact that millions of fans had already been missing Michael for years. He had become this plainly wounded person that did not reflect the boy star or the pop king. Then there’s also quilt playing a part, as you infer. It’s as if the world is making it up to him now when it’s too late.

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