Facebook is dead to me

I’m tired of Facebook…this is rant about it.

I’m no longer a fan of everyone knowing stuff about me that I have accepted as a ‘friend’. Don’t you think that having a thousand ‘friends’ that you never see or share life cheapening the word? The word used to mean something…now it just means people that I’ve accepted to see my personal information and pictures online.

Facebook has a way of creating a sense of false connection in some relationships. Some interaction on Facebook is ‘real’ because it actually effects the real life I live day to day. But some interaction creates a weird sense of connection…I say weird because these connections don’t really connect with anything in the life that I touch on a daily basis. Like does it really matter when I write things like, “Justin is going to bed.” Or “Justin is getting ready to eat lunch.” While it is good to get in touch with people around the world, I just don’t think that getting play-by-play of people’s lives is really creating a real relationship. Information and knowledge about someone is not relationship with someone. Even information that builds on actual relationship is easily skewed because words created on a web page are not a replacement for the person.

I believe that this false sense of knowing is actually harmful to the development of real relationships in our daily lives.

Facebook is a networking tool that I enjoy, but when we look to it for a sense of relationship it can displace us from reality. Why would I want to spend time reading the status updates of people whom I never see, when my daughter is sitting on the floor wanting to play with me? Or when my neighbor needs help moving? Or when I could be playing guitar? If I really wanted to learn about how a friend a doing, how is reading their status update a good replacement for picking up the phone or meeting for coffee?

I don’t want to be extremist or anything, but I do want to be honest with myself about how well I am actually doing engaging with the world around me. Virtual reality will never replace actual reality.

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  1. Diane on July 5, 2009 at 1:49 am

    I was just having a talk with my son about this very same thing. I have to admit that one, I like FB, I’m on there a lot. Two, your my friend and I don’t really know you. LOL! Three, when I first got on FB, I was requesting everyone to be my friend. Why? No clue.
    Recently I had someone request to be my friend. I don’t really know this person and I have no interest in becoming her friend. (son’s girlfriends mom) She made a huge deal about why I had not accepted her friend request, so I finally did. Why did she want to be my friend? Cause I’m cool? Ha ha ha no, to spy on our kids.
    So many of my FB friends I barley know but I have fun with it all. I don’t take it too seriously, it’s just for fun. 🙂

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