Don’t be like Miguel…please

I went to bed last night and panic hit me. I realized I was out of coffee. That meant one thing for me. I had to get up early and go get some! While I was out I decided to sit and read my bible for a while at the coffee shop. I’ve been reading through the New Testament for a bit, so the other day I decided to read through I Samuel…and I’m glad that I have as I felt God teaching me through this portion of scripture.

So fast forward to this morning. I’m reading the Bible and a guy sidles up to me.

“What are you reading?”, he says.

I said, “the Bible.”

He says, “What part?”

I say, “I Samuel…the part about David and Goliath.”

This is when he said, “I’m Miguel by the way.” Then he had me turn to Romans chapter 1 and proceeded to tell me about Martin Luther. He asked how long I had been studying the Bible.

I told him, “A while.”

He then told me that I needed to ‘forget about stuff like Samuel.’ And that I need to focus solely on the Gospel. That is where the power of God is at.

Then as I started talking, he excused himself from the conversation.

Let me go over a few reasons why I beg you not to be like Miguel:

a.) Don’t ever criticize how or what someone is reading in scripture. Especially, if you don’t know them at all!

b.) Don’t ever tell somebody that they should ‘forget about’ parts of Scripture. C’mon Miguel.

c.) Don’t ever preach a sermon to a stranger and then walk away as they start to respond.

d.) Don’t ever forget that the Gospel is God’s story of redemption through Jesus and we find that all over scripture.

e.) Don’t let your head knowledge of the Good News become more important than living the Good News. Jesus said that loving God with our all our heart, mind, soul, and strength was the most important thing. And the second thing was ‘like it’, love your neighbor as yourself. Our surrender to God releases us to be surrendered to others. Our love for and from God inspires us to love others. If our relationship with God gets boiled down to doctrine and intellectual enlightenment then we are missing the boat. (not necessarily saying that about Miguel, probably preaching a sermonette to myself.)

As he walked out the door I tried not to feel judged, or to judge. I prayed that he would step into the fullness of the Good News and that his life would become ‘the workmanship’ that it was created to be. I prayed that his heart would align with his head. But in the meantime…be like Jesus…not like Miguel. No offense Miguel.

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  1. Rogier on June 20, 2009 at 10:13 am

    Aaaah… and Miguel probably went away praising Jesus for the opportunity to set a stranger straight 🙂

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