Changing My Addictions

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I forgot to add an important category to my site when I built it. Maybe it’s because I hadn’t had enough of this category when I was working on the site, but this category is one of my great passions. (i.e. addictions)

It is coffee.

The picture above is of my new Chemex. I’ve been a ‘french-press-guy’ for years, but I read a while ago it was bad for your cholesterol because of the oils that are still in the coffee when you don’t filter it. So I’ve been wanting one of these bad boys for a while…probably 4 years to be exact…for health’s sake of course.

There is a different science to the Chemex that makes it seem new and exciting. (btw: When I say science I mean that. I weigh my beans, weigh the water as I pour it, and grind the beans with a hand grinder…Yes, I have a problem.) But I do like how using a new piece of coffee paraphernalia has changed up how I make my sweet, sweet, wonderful coffee every morning.

Which is a nice segue to the reason I’m writing (other than to talk about coffee).

Change is a good thing. Even finding a new process within a tradition is a good thing. The new process(es) make our brains think differently and have to solve problems in new ways. I once read that people who shop at the same grocery stores their whole lives run a higher risk of getting Alzheimer’s because their brains kind of shut off when they are no longer challenged to search for things they are looking for. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my life becoming so predictable that my brain just kind of gives up on figuring things out and decides to quit.

So why, if change is good for us, do we not change? I think most of us avoid change because we’re comfortable. Even if there are toxins floating around in the coffee of our lives, raising our cholesterol, we still resist change because it’s tough to break old habits and because it requires no effort to just sit there. There’s no resistance, no push-back, no pain if we just do what we’ve always done….yet it’s in the push back and pain that we actually learn what we’re made of and are given eyes to see what needs to go.

Here are three things I would do if I were to ever want to change (my answers are in parenthesis…because it’s not right to give advice or share thoughts with others that I don’t follow)

1. Be real with myself: What are 2 things that I’m doing right now that are not helping me become who I want to be? (I’m not waking up early enough to read and I’m not practicing forgiveness and gratitude like I know is right.)

2. Do something: What is one thing that I have been putting off doing that I know will help me grow? (I need to do a bunch of things, but the most ‘surfacy’ thing is I need to start doing yoga or working out at least 4 times a week to keep my body fitting in my clothes)

3. Start: What is an action that I can take today to change? (I can wake up tomorrow at 5:45 and exercise before my day starts moving along)

Extra Credit: Who can I talk to about the changes I want to make in life? Life sucks and accomplishments aren’t as sweet when you do it alone.

Now, all of that is a lot heavier than changing how I make my morning coffee. And it started out with me just wanting to talk about my Chemex…But now I’m feeling all inspired to lean into changing more than just my morning coffee routine.

Maybe I will even wake up tomorrow at 5am and go with my buddies who work out at a local high school with sledge hammers and big tires…but then again…maybe I won’t. That is one change I know that will cause pain!

And here’s a Vine video to prove my love for my Chemex:

Oh…and here’s one more just in case you still weren’t convinced:


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