Are you as self-aware as you think you are?

By Justin / May 23, 2018
grow in Self awareness with StrengthsFinder

Self-awareness has become a trendy issue in business with many books, articles, and videos being created to help leaders navigate this complex issue. To further complicate matters, how do we know when we are self-aware or self-deceived? I read a study where a control group of 50 leaders who had proven signs of growth in self-awareness was compared to 5,000 additional participants who believed they were self-aware. After interviewing the 5,000 people, researchers discovered that only 500-750 people fit the…

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Coaching Towards Engagement

By Justin / May 18, 2018
Coaching Engagement, Employee Engagement, Improve Team Morale

I love coaching kids’ soccer…most of the time. On each of the 8 teams I’ve coached, I see the same breakdown: There are about 2-3 players who really love the game and want to compete. There are 5-8 players who may show up one game ready to play, but other weeks want to talk about video games, school, the clouds, etc. Lastly, there are 2-3 players who are only out there because their parents want them to be there and…

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Top 3 Misapplications of the StrengthsFinder

By Justin / March 5, 2018
Ways to Misapply the StrengthsFinder, StrengthsFinder Orange County, StrengthsFinder Domains, StrengthsFinder Themes

As of today, over 18 Million people have taken the StrengthsFinder assessment (18,107,618 to be exact). Many of the world’s leading businesses and non-profits have adopted the StrengthsFinder language to help them see what is right about every person as well as help teams work together more effectively. Because the StrengthsFinder assessment is only $18.00, many people take it, read the book, and learn about their strengths. Some even use it on their teams or with their spouse…without knowing the…

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Information vs. Transformation

By Justin / March 1, 2018
strengthsfinder information vs transformation

There used to be a time when we just didn’t know things. We’d be sitting with a group of friends and someone would ask, “What was the name of Kevin Bacon’s character in Footloose?” and if we couldn’t remember his name was Ren McCormack, we would just let it go. But nowadays, if someone doesn’t shout out the answer, we can rest assured that someone will look it up on their iPhone…saving us from the process of trying to remember.…

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Watching Greatness Grow

By Justin / February 1, 2018
Orange County Consultant talks about peronal development using StrengthsFinder

I was struck by a time-lapse video I saw today. It’s of a man named Shawn James who built a log cabin in the woods by himself (found courtesy of Kevin Rose’s Journal). You can see the video for yourself below, but it’s a stop motion video which condenses his process of building a log cabin into 5 minutes. This five-minute video represents a lifetime of development and years of work. Watching the progress and seeing the final product so…

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StrengthsFinder in Orange County

By Justin / December 23, 2017
StrengthsFinder in Orange County, StrengthsFinder Coach, StrengthsFinder Coach in OC

When I first moved to Orange County in 1997, I had no idea how my last minute decision to go a small private university in Fullerton, CA would impact my life forever. Inever thought I’d stay in Southern California, but over 20 years later, I’m calling Orange County ‘home’…but in a very round-about way. After college, my wife and I moved to Europe where we first exposed to the StrengthsFinder assessment. The organization we worked for used the StrengthsFinder tool…

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The Art of Finishing Well

By Justin / November 30, 2017
entrepreneurs need to consider how to finish well, company culture that lasts, lasting change

My dad started a non-profit in 1989 and led the organization up until his retirement 28 years later. Even though there were many challenging times throughout the years, the organization was passed on to the next leader in an incredibly healthy state. Many people have the courage to start new businesses or activate their ideas. But very few people have the ability to stand the test of time, maximize their strengths, and do the internal work needed to finish well. I’m…

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The Generous Cycle of Action Oriented Values

By Justin / November 29, 2017
Generous Cycle, company values, actionable values

Values are often used to communicate a brand’s beliefs, inspire employees, attract talent, and inform culture…and every company should have a set of values. However, not all values are created equal. The strategy you take when creating values will determine the extent to which they will be practiced, help your business grow, and benefit your culture. Make values a roadmap for action Creating a set of values takes time, energy, and resources. In order to maximize your efforts, be sure to use your values…

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Aspirational vs Practiced Values

By Justin / November 17, 2017
culture, values, aspirational values

A number of years ago, I lead a multinational project and team in Barcelona. One of the training directors of my organization recommended I lead the team through some exercises to help us better understand each other and our roles. One of the exercises was called “What you can expect from me.” It goes like this: Each person makes a list of the things their fellow teammates can expect to get from them. Such as, “You can expect for me to…

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Keep Your Growing Team Healthy

By Justin / November 9, 2017
Growing Team, StrengthsFinder, Culture, Healthy Culture

The best teams continually find ways to grow and improve. They know success and health aren’t destinations and if they ever stop ‘the pursuit’ they risk losing them. These teams know they are defined by what they do today and tomorrow. Not by what they did last week or last year. If you have a team like this, consider these three practices to continue a healthy trajectory: Define People by Their Strengths We choose how we see the world. This…

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