Becoming a General

I went to Jen’s brother’s Marine Corps boot camp graduation on Friday (which was really cool and great to see Eric) so military was already on the mind when this quote:

“Soldiers realize that it’s war that makes Generals”
Seth Godin – Tribes

I immediately thought about the reality that it’s the war of life that builds our faith. As I was thinking about this another thought came to my mind:

The people written about in the Bible were people who said and did radical things to challenge, and therefore change, the status quo. They heard from and obeyed God. They spoke with confidence, despite the message, because their closeness to God gave them the confidence that their words were from Him. Fear, laziness, desire for peace, or comfort wouldn’t deter these people from being the voice of truth. These were people who willingly went to war, even against their own people, and they came out heroes and generals of the faith.

What wars are you in? What challenges are you experiencing? Are you content being a soldier or do you want to be a general? Who are the generals that you want to be like?

(Side-note: I wonder, where are the prophets in the Church today? Are they in the Church or not? Have they been ostracized? If they were welcomed back how long would it take for them to be uninvited?)

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