Another Imperfect Person is Elected


No, I don’t know who won the election already because I live further east…I wrote this title in past tense because it is simply a future reality. 

It seems on Facebook that everyone is using their status to communicate something about their opinions on the election, but that’s just not enough room for me! And the thing is…what I’m writing about isn’t entirely about the candidates, it’s also about the voters. 

The truth of the matter is that either candidate is going to let us down in some way. None of their short-comings are going to be a surprise to God. In fact, it is God who allows them the authority they have. Early Christians had to wrestle over this while they were persecuted under a Roman authority that was far more irreligious than anything we’re seeing today. 

The conclusion that I come to is that God must think very little of earthy power! I think that God chooses a different form of influence in the world other than the power constructs that men erect to feel influential or in control. 

As Christians, I think we’re left with a choice: Do we put our faith, hope, and trust in the offices and kingdoms created by man? Or do we put our faith, hope, and trust in the Kingdom of God and its ways? 

Lets just say we choose the first one…

There are two possible outcomes: One is that our person wins and we feel like all is going to be right. We trust that this person will govern in a way that gives us the life we want. How does having this person in office point you to trust God and His Kingdom? Does it mask our yearning for God’s new Kingdom? I don’t believe that God’s top priorities are controlling the kingdoms of this earth. I believe that His top priorities are inviting people to live into His kingdom and it’s ways. So if we get everything that we think we want from an elected official in a kingdom of this earth, do we still pursue God’s Kingdom with the abandon that He calls us to? 

The second outcome is that the other person wins! The other group is rejoicing that they won…the other candidate is enacting policies that we don’t want. They are governing in a way that we think is wrong. And it frustrates us because we need the government and it’s policies to give us the life you want. The joys in our life depend on how man’s elected offices handle earthly matters. Maybe I’m just missing something…but how do man’s earthly policies and government control anything related with the God’s Kingdom, the one we as follower of Jesus have chosen allegiance to? If we believe the policies of man have power or influence over the Kingdom of God, then either we don’t understand God’s kingdom or we think way too highly of earthly government! 

If we are placing our faith in earthly government over the Kingdom followers of Jesus are called to, win or lose we have some issues to deal with. 

So, let’s say we choose the second option from above…

For me, choosing to put my faith in God’s kingdom allows me to be fruitful and joyful in any situation. Ultimately, my fate, the quality of my life, and my hope rest in what I find in the Kingdom of God…not in what I don’t find in the kingdoms of earth. 

As another imperfect person is elected into office, I am choosing not to trust in either of them to give me the life that I want. I choose to only trust in Jesus…I choose to trust that the Kingdom He initiated is where I’ll find the solutions my hearts deepest longings. I choose to believe that God’s Kingdom, truly lived out by those of us who acclaim to it, has more potential to impact this world that any kingdom that man could create. 

I will sleep well regardless of who becomes the next President of the United States.

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  1. Mom on November 5, 2008 at 2:32 am

    Excellent blog entry. Your Dad expressed similar sentiments at the staff meeting today. It’s wonderful to know that no matter what, God is in control!

  2. Christine on November 5, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    Well said, Justin.

  3. Svest-in-law on November 8, 2008 at 10:05 pm

    I love this post Justin. Exactly how I have been feeling in the midst of all the hype and talk, and stress from others who have a VERY strong opinion about who was elected and Prop 8 and all this stuff that I have complete peace about. Only because I know that Ultimately God is in control and how small are we making him out to be, just to argue about the leadership of our countries? You are totally right about the trust thing. And I know for Jason and myself…we chose to trust God’s outcome rather than that of any man.

    And here I read this post as I am about to go to a family get together when I am sure that the topic of conversation will be the frustrations and anger on where our country is headed. Though I will remove the same time, it’s just exhausting to me to see people get so freaked out and upset about something like this. Isn’t it all in God’s great plan anyway? It’s all for his glory. All of it. Thanks for the post. 🙂

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