An Atheists Explanation to His Child

I came across this article via twitter (@hopefulskeptic) and thought that it was interesting thing to think about. It’s an atheist father explaining in a letter to his 11 year old daughter why he doesn’t pray. I obviously don’t agree with the conclusions of the author, but I do think his perceptions of what Christians pray for and who the God we pray to are worth reflecting on.

I also think that it’s worth receiving the criticism that praying for things that only benefit ourselves or our desires is selfish…I don’t think this because I don’t believe that God answers small prayers. I say this because I think that it’s worth us really being thoughtful about what we pray for. I would hope that my prayers more reflect what God desires on earth, not the way that they may reflect my desires on earth…

Enjoy…(tongue in cheek)

Without a prayer | Psychology Today

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