A Scene of Racism in Modern Europe

Ok…so huge title and I don’t think I’ll do much commentating on this topic, but here is an example of something that seems like it’s more from the Jackie Robinson era in baseball than it does from 2009 in Italian football.

BBC News – Racist abuse against Balotelli feared at Inter-Juve tie

The truth is that Europe is the first place in the world that is making (has made) the transition to being truly multi-cultural…or maybe synchronistic is a better word. Sure, there can be a case that the United States was first many hundred years ago, but even then it didn’t have the mix of religious, deep cultural, and ethnic synchronism that is at the core of how Europe’s modern culture is being formed. Europeans that may want to keep their countries or regions truly mono-cultural have already lost the fight. There is no end in sight for the shifting landscape of Europe as east, west, north, and south merge together here.

The ugly attitude (and words) of the fans in the article above is representative of this dying breed of people who hold onto the idea that Italians, Spanish, or French could maintain a historic hold on their image. This idea is no longer. People are going to have to live with the reality that a black man is as Italian as they are. And as time goes on all Europeans will have to live with the fact that what makes someone European or not will have nothing to do with their family history.

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